DISTRACTION: Saving my sanity

Photo by Emily Rose Portraits
I feel the dark cloud of anxiousness, depression and impatience looming over my head. I really want to write another whiny post like this one, but don't think you want to hear it. But that is how I feel, if you care to read about the inner heartache, angst and what adoption waiting is really like. I'm ten months paper-pregnant and if someone doesn't get this thing up and running so those boys are home soon, I might just fly over to Uganda myself and track them down. Thankfully my husband speaks truth, patience and understanding into my crazed adoptive mom brain and I am still sitting in my Florida home, homeschooling my home-growns and managing the house.

Photo by Emily Rose Portraits

But during all of this waiting, I use distraction to try to take my mind off the fact that the newly decorated nursery is empty and all of our nearly packed suitcases are gathering dust. Have you notice the new projects I have started on the blog? Color Me Lakeland? October Dress Project? Wardrobe Makeover? Barber Basics? Yep. All of them are distractions from what is really going on. My heart wants my boys home with their forever family. That is it. They should be home, not in foster care, not far away from their Mom, Dad, new brother and sister. So instead of dwelling on this reality, I come up with a new project to take my mind off the hard reality that we are not a family of six yet. Distract. Distract. Distract. And I'll probably do it until the day I have a court date.

Photo by Emily Rose Portraits

Please continue to pray for our family. There are some changes in country that we were just informed about and we might need to make two trips to Uganda. This will incur extra expenses and it will take longer for us to bring everyone back home. We still don't have any definite plans, but we are trusting that God called us to adoption and He will see us through all of the waiting and heartache.

Photo by Emily Rose Portraits
And today we received this little funny story about "Big" which did my heart good. Enjoy!

""Big" loves his brother "Little" and Lori Boynton's daughter who are with him in the foster home. "Big" tries to play with them although at times he just steps or sits on them. This is because he is not aware that he is hurting his friends."

Isn't that the funniest? I guess it is safe to say that "Big" is a typical one year old!

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