ODP 2012- Day 21, 22, 23, 24, & 25

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Check out this super cute logo designed by another ODP lady. Love it!

Only a little bit longer and I will be finished! Five days to be exact, since I am wearing the dress right now. As you can see from the day I started back in September, I have taken a couple of breaks during this month long venture. Calling it cheating, but I call it part of my distraction sanity. It gave me a chance to feel like I was in control of something with this adoption, which is CLEARLY not true. But a girl can pretend, right?

I finally tried two new ways to wear the dress and I loved them!!! Inspired by the ODP Facebook group, I wore it as a skirt and a strapless tunic. And I fell in love with the tunic look! Get ready to see that look several more times for the remainder of the project because it is a keeper. I'm glad the ODP girls inspired me to try putting the dress on differently because I was getting bored. This is the part of the project were you dream of other clothes and putting something where your thighs don't touch. TMI?

On with the pictures!

Day 21- 12X12 Project October The Gathering, yellow and grey sweater, cream belt, sandals

Day 22- Craig's shirt, Craig's hat, yellow sandals

This bracelet was in the shopping cart at Target. I had just been wanting and Pinning one, and there it was. It's the little things that remind me that Someone is looking out for me. Even the silly little desires of my heart.

Day 23- Dress as skirt, red shirt, cream belt, brown scarf, crocs
Day 24- FAVORITE OUTFIT!!! Dress as tunic, leggings, nude wedges, black cardigan, scarf

Day 25- Dress as tunic, Sseko sandals, leggings, purple scarf, teal World Vision bracelet

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