October Dress Project Photo Shoot 2011

Tonight, a group of ladies who are committing to the October Dress Project (read about it here and here) who live in my town got together for a photo shoot to kick start our month long journey of wearing the same dress every single day. We had a blast! Thank you, Nate Mundell Photography for taking our pictures!

We started the shoot with the four girls who did it last year and are participating again this year: me, Jennifer, Ida and Cathy (who all have fabulous blogs that you can visit by clicking their name). Here are our pictures.

And then we had everyone join in the photos. Not all of the ladies who are participating locally were able to come, but we did have a great turn out. It is so exciting to have all of these new ladies joining us this year! We start on Saturday and I couldn't be more excited!!! And it was just fun to be on the other side of the lens for a change! (Side note, Nate Mundell Photography will also be taking our family photos on Saturday morning for our Christmas photo and I am super excited about that as well! Can you tell I am just excited about life?)

It really is encouraging to know that there are many women who are going to take on this zany challenge and that while we are doing it by ourselves, we truly have one another right along side us. 

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Joy B. said...

Looks like you all had a great time! I love all the dresses that everyone found.