October 1st- Fall is Here!

Today is the first day of October, which means the October Dress Project has officially started and we are celebrating fall in full force in the Barber house. Pumpkin spiced lattes, more park trips, nutmeg, fall decorations are all on the brain here in 80 degree Florida weather. This might not seem very fall-ish weather to my northern friends, but it feels so much nicer then our usual 96 degree weather! The humidity is almost a distant memory and I relish this season in Florida: the Not-as-hot-as-summer-but not-really-fall season. It is a fabulous time of year, but I am not sure it is worth the other 6 months of horribly hot conditions.

Here is my picture of today's ODP (October Dress Project). We had our Christmas pictures today with Nate Mundell Photography, my friend Ida's husband, so I dressed to match everyone else's outfits. We all looked pretty awesome, but you will have to wait to see all of our photos.

Black Dress
Purple leggings
Grey sweater
Chartreuse neclace
Black ballet flats

 And while cooking, this is my look, thanks to my friend, Sabes. Last year I did not wear an apron, which resulted in stains on my dress that could not be removed just a couple of days into the project. This year, it will apron city every time I enter the kitchen thanks to Sabes advice. If you want one like mine, my hubby bought it here. They have lots of adorable ones and it has served me well over the last couple of years.

Thoughts on Day 1:
This dress is extremely comfortable and I loved wearing it! I felt very feminine, yet relaxed in it and thought to myself, "Why don't I wear dresses more often?" The leggings helped to make our photo shoot and trip to the park easier, and I wish I had invested in a couple more colors before the month began. Oh well! It is going to be a fun adventure!

Since we are super excited about fall at my house, I thought I would share a few photos of my fall decorations, just to be festive! All items are homemade, so I {heart} them even more!

Made last year at Amy's Fall Creations Class

Handmade soap from a local merchant at the downtown farmer's market

My own creative display and paper creation in a frame.

Coffee filter wreath thanks to Jones Design Company

Fall really is my favorite season and we just try to clothes our eyes, wish upon a star and dream that we can see leaving changing colors, smell the crisp air and see the ripening apples on the trees. Until we actually live up north, we will continue to dream and make fall for ourselves here in sunny Florida.

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Jennifer said...

Beautiful! I made a late night run for laundry soap making supplies and happened to run square into an additional 50% off clearance sale and found four pairs of tights for about $10.

I ought to have you consult on my own Fall decorations since clearly you have an eye for lovely displays.

Jessica said...

Love your blog and sounds like you are off to a great start on this project! The purple tights are my favorite :) As I was cooking chicken in oil on the stove tonight, I quickly realized I will have to make sure I always have my apron on because I am QUEEN of getting stuff on me while cooking! And I'm way too OCD to go a whole month wearing the same dress with grease stains!

Cathy said...

Cute girlie! Love it!