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Trying something new doesn't have to be a huge commitment of time or money. I hosted a monthly adventure night for local friends, which was simply an excuse to find something fun to do together. We met the second Friday of everything month and we would go on an adventure. One month we went on a bike tour, another time we went roller skating and we have plans to visit a dueling piano bar soon. The first adventure together was spent at Paint Along Studios.

Simple enough: show up, pay, follow directions from the master painter, paint a beautiful picture, take it home. You go in with nothing and leave with a beautiful piece of art work that you created. And there was wine provided! What could be better?

It was fun as we chatted quietly with one another as the instructor gave us easy to follow steps. And he demonstrated what to do, in case oral instructions weren't making sense. While the class was fast paced, there was plenty of time given to complete the steps so you never felt rushed. If someone from my group got ahead, they would walk around, grab a snack and check out the progress of our friends painting.

After we were all finished, it was fun to see how each of our unique personalities were expressed in the way we painted. How different all of them looked from one another, but you could see that they were all based on the same picture idea. Our picture was entitled "Whimsy" and just captured what I hoped to regain by starting these adventure nights.

For you moms out there second guessing taking time for yourself, remember that you are worth investing in. It is important for your children to see that there is a life you live without them. And it's also important that you leave your kids sometimes, whether that is with your husband, a family member or a babysitter. You need a break! And your kids need to learn that other adults are trustworthy. Being around anyone all the time is unhealthy and it is o.k. to give yourself a free pass to need the company of someone your own age. 

If the idea of painting a picture isn't your thing, find something else. But the important thing is take those little steps to find out who you are again. You are worth it.

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