Creating a sustainable wardrobe- Part 2

First part of this series is here.

My goal as a sustainably minded person is to create a versatile wardrobe that contains sturdy, durable pieces that are timeless, quality items. Over the years I have purchased these items from Target, online, fair trade boutiques and one of my favorite budget-friendly places: thrift stores. 

I am always searching for clothes that will work double and triple duty in my day-to-day clothing. A piece that can only be worn one way or with only one other item is nice on occasion, but I want these to the exception. Instead, pieces in my ensemble should be interchangeable with many things to allow the maximum "bang for my buck." We are after all, a large family living in a small house and I only have so much closet space. My first step in the journey to creating a classic wardrobe began the first year I participated in The October Dress Project. Wearing one dress for 31 days challenged me to rethink the way I did fashion and focus on creative solutions to making that dress look different every single day. Five years later, I can see how much my closet has changed and how my approach to clothes shopping has shifted.

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I'm always learning techniques for creating a wardrobe that endures fashion trends and I wanted to share with all of you where I go to learn. Here are my favorite blog posts and bloggers who can help you along the journey to creating a closet full of clothes that make you feel stunning and are making a positive impact on the world around you.

7 sustainable wardrobe resources

1. WARDROBE ARCHITECT: 14 week blog series to help you craft a meaningful wardrobe that reflects your personal style.

2. REFASHIONISTA: Fashion revised, repurposed and revitalized through thrift store finds and a sewing machine

3. THE THRIFT STORE SHOPPER: Listings of thrift stores in every area of the United States in one easy to find place

4. PUTTING ME TOGETHER: Learn to work your closet with proper fit and re-mixable clothing items

5. THE CLOTHES HORSE: Remix pictures every Sunday showing how she styled one outfit many different ways

6. THE GIRLS WITH GLASSES: Watch their YouTube video on thrift store shopping

7. PINTEREST BOARDS: I've compiled even more style advice  on maximizing your wardrobe, fair trade and ethical clothing, and eye-candy.

Follow Karissa Barber // The Acting Mom's board Style Advice on Pinterest.

Follow Karissa Barber // The Acting Mom's board Fair Trade/Ethical Clothing on Pinterest.

What are your sustainable and classic wardrobe tips or go-to websites? Leave a comment to share your knowledge and great advice!

p.s. Check out how to prepare before you head to the thrift store and what to do when you get there

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mfletcher said...

I'm constantly thinking about building a more classic and adult wardrobe. The only problem is that I've fluctuated in size a lot in the past few years so I find that I have a little bit in many different sizes. I can't wait to utilize some of these ideas when I get to a steady weight.