The power of costumes

Theatre is filled with costumes, but you really don't know their power until you wear them.

Costumes have a transformative power to make you into something you aren't. As an actress, sometimes they are the final step to make you feel like you are truly walking in the shoes of your character.

A well crafted wig, a couple of make-up application techniques, the corset, petticoat and costume of another time period alter who you are completely into someone else. This is something I truly adore about being in the theatre.

You enter as one person, become another, and then leave the building the same as you came.

I just closed the show "Mary Poppins" with our amazing cast, crew, orchestra and production staff. One of our lovely cast members took photos during the rehearsal process and an early dress rehearsal. Her images are a perfect example of what a costume can do.

The black and white images feature us rehearsing and the color versions are of us performing the same scenes. This is one of the neatest things to see the comparison between the two. What a treat and a huge thank you to Tiffany Bagwell Photography and Thom Altman for the images.

With the help of a little fabric, some hair enhancement and fake eye lashes, we all entered the magical world of number 17 Cherry Tree Lane, ready to tell the beautiful story of families restored with the help of just a spoonful of sugar. 

Anything can happen, if you let it!

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Unknown said...

I find this to be true in everyday life. In business attire I feel prepared to take on complicated tasks and in casual attire I feel ready to roll my sleeves up. Great illustration.

Madeline Osigian said...

I do love the transforming power of the costume. My family is always dressing up: at family camp, every theme night at Youth Group or AWANA, or just because. Every opportunity, we take it. The photography you shared really shows the power of theater.

Lori Arnold said...

I love the theater! And I miss it. I only ever did amateur dramatics in my old town, but I miss it so much. I miss the transformative feeling of costumes and the energy exchange of an audience!