ODP 2012- Tunic Outfits

I discovered that day 24 is my favorite outfit for this dress so far. The silhouette of the dress is not one I would choose for my figure on a daily basis, but I found that I love the tunic look with this dress. This outfit looks a little rockabilly, doesn't it? I wore this for date night and received several compliments all day from strangers about it. Strange, but encouraging because I never would have discovered this look if I wasn't trying to re-invent the same dress in the first place!

Day 24

Well, I decided to try a couple of different looks for my tunic during a family dance/costume party. What do you think? Are any of them keepers?

Cowboy pilot with protective armor

Constructions worker with protective helmet and fashion scarf

And my personal favorite: Laura Ingalls Wilder meets gansta

What can I say? I'm a stylish lady with a vision for my classic wardrobe look. And apparently I do not discriminate color combinations, functionality or strange factor into my fashion decisions!

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