ODP -2012 Day 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16

Day 1-5
Day 6-10

Well, I am not doing as well I have in previous years with blogging the ODP. I might be a little distracted with everything else going on, but here are my next batch of outfits. And there is a little twist with my last outfit that pertains to the 12X12 Project.

Day 11- white and pink scarf with belt, and my Ssekos

Sseko sandals with the zebra tie

Day 12- White shirt, blue belt and peep-toe brown heels

Day 13- Night at the theatre, purple scarf and black clutch

Day 14- Tan jacket with AMAZING plaid shoes

Salvation Army score, never been worn!
Day 15- In the ER (read about it here)

Day 16- One Mango Tree faux wrap blue dress, yellow stockings, boat shoe & post-op bootie

So, since I can't really walk as I am babying my foot after my ER visit, because I REFUSE to have an open wound while traveling to Uganda, I have not done any laundry. My October dress has blood and lake water all over it and needs to be washed before I will wear it again. Since my gimpy foot has not made it into the garage to wash the dress, I decided to compromise.

For the 12X12 Project, we all bought a dress (or in my case three) from One Mango Tree as a way to show with our dollars that we support the Ugandan women who are working to make a livable wage to support their families. To stick with the project and to allow my body time to heal the wound on my foot, I decided to switch to this clean blue faux wrap dress.  At least for a day or two...

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Cathy said...

Looking good girlfriend!