Losing Weight 101

I am trying to loose weight. My daughter is almost 2 years old, and I am still holding on to my last 10 pounds of baby fat. It probably doesn't help that I cook with butter, make a baked good once a week and snack on kettle chips and ice cream several nights a week, but I think it is more then that. I think my metabolism has finally changed.

Growing up, I was always thin. I didn't have to try to be thin, I just was. With a fast metabolism, home cooked meals and an active lifestyle, I never worried about exercising or intentionally watching what I ate. It was the state I found myself in all of my days without any conscious thought on my part. (I know, some of you are throwing stones at the computer as you read this, but that was just the way God made me.) I have always been thin, until I had Alethea. I was 180+ pounds when Alethea was born. Here are a couple of pics to show you the changes I have undergone over the last couple of years.
Playing around on the set of "Oklahoma!" before a show in  2007

Performing at TWH annual award ceremony, 7 months pregnant with Asher, June 2008
With Asher on the set of "Kiss Me Kate," spring 2009
Dancing with my brother at his wedding, 1 week before Alethea was born, December 2010
Performing in "Sound of Music," March 2011

 Now, I have weight to loose and feel clueless as to how to do it! I know that you are suppose to gain weight with pregnancy, but I put on a lot of unnecessary weight having not recovered physically and emotionally from having my first child only 17 months earlier. Since then I have lost 40 pounds, but I still have more to go. It was so easy to loose weight before kids and now I feel like a stick in the mud of cellulite: stuck forever. It has become very hard for me to budge the scale even a fraction. Having that scale (and my "punishment pants" as Karen calls them) reminds me that I need to make bigger strides towards my goal: getting back to my pre-baby weight. I have accepted that parts of me will never look the same, but I do want to be back down to 130 pounds, which is a healthy weight for my height and age.

Now the questions is, how do I loose weight? I love food too much to "diet." Seriously. I LOVE FOOD!!!! I would consider myself a novice foodie, and am ALWAYS willing to eat. Give me any food and I will try it at least once. Love me some food! Also, I have a family of four to cook for and we are organic eaters. So as far as dieting goes, that rules out shakes, bars and any other dieter meal replacement things. Is my only option salads? Salads for three meals a day? I do like salad, but how do I make them amazing? Suggestions? I also have a hard time finding information about what size portions I should be consuming, beside what the FDA recommends. I have found this article, but it does not give portion sizes. How do I know how much to eat? Is the tedious task of counting calories the only solution with my salads? Dieting, how I hate thee!

On the exercise front, I am training for a marathon, run three times a week and zumba twice a week. I do love zumba because it is fun, engaging, different and burns 800 calories a class. Yep. You read that correctly. 800 calories a class! Burning all of these calories isn't helping with the weight loss though! Ughhhh. This is getting frustrating!

According to that quote I put at the top of this post, I need to convince my mind that I can do it. I guess it is time for a little will power and mind over body action. I just wish it was easier! Can I get an "amen?" Is there anyone out there that feels the same way? Am I alone is this weight loss stand off? 

I guess it is time to go make a salad for lunch...


Jacqueline said...

I am in the same boat. I haven't had any children but I'm 206 pounds and I used to be 130 just a few years ago. I've been stuck at 180 since 2006 and recently just gained a ton of weight. No explanation. I'm going to the doctor regularly so they can help me figure out what is wrong. It's just so frustrating and disappointing to be so heavy and not be able to drop any significant weight. My husband and I eat healthy and try to stay active. It's so depressing, after being thin for so long (and not realizing it). I wish you the best and hope you can get down to what you want. I guess you should be happy your not stuck at 180 and only have 10lbs to go. I have almost 80lbs to get off. Lord Help Me!

Ida said...

Weight loss is not easy for me, either! You never saw me at my thinnest and although I do not desire to be THAT thin again I would like to maintain at 135-40. Pre-this-pregnancy I was holding at around 150-155. Not great but not gaining and slowly loosing. The only thing that has ever helped me loose weight while still being able to eat (because I really do love food!) was weight watchers. I did it after I had Aurora and lost that "last 20 pounds" in no time. I did not join after Eleanor but wish I would have! I would like to do it again come 2012 after this baby is born!

Kim L said...

Protein and complex carbs! Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you are really serious about losing (sorry I have to interject here that you are trying to lose weight, not "loose" it. ;-) then ice cream and kettle chips need to be replaced with fruit and nuts. Being a runner I assume you are drinking 64 oz. of water a day. That helps to keep your body hydrated so you can burn fat more efficiently. Hummus and carrots are a great snack that is fulfilling and healthy. But like you said, it truly is mind over matter. If you are really reeeeally ready to lose it, you will. ;-) That's assuming nothing is physically going on which doesn't sound to be the case.

Jennifer said...

In 2006, when I managed to lose almost 60 pounds, it started because I woke up in the middle of the night and thought to myself, "Being fat is hard. Losing weight is hard. Choose your hard." That time in my life was a perfect storm for me to lose weight, motivated by that middle of the night thought.

Weight Watchers was the way I did it, along with exercise. Now, they've redone their program to account for fiber and protein (a vast improvement). It appealed to my list making and reward receiving self.

When I lost weight between Mary and Charlotte, it was in part due to Zumba. I really, really love it too and hope to get my YMCA membership before the year is out so I can go back.

You are right that it really is mind over matter. Could you make a plan for your treats each week? Just like you plan craft time or reading time?

Spadabling said...

Hey girl! I feel your pain. I need to get to 130 too but can't seem to budge past 145. I think first thing for me is to give it to God, then do a combo of making healthy eating choices (with a few splurges now and then because you can't totally live without!) and activity. It sounds like you're on the right track. When you find something that works, let me know!
XOXO, Natalie

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the ideas and encouragement. One pound at a time and I will get there.