The October Dress Project 2010

I am very excited to be starting this project again in just two weeks! I first found out about the October Dress Project last year as I watched a friend from college post pictures of herself in the same grey dress day after day. I asked her to explain a little more to me about what she was doing and why and she pointed me to this website: the origins of the October Dress Project. After I read about it, I knew I had to do it! I was in the middle of Beth Moore's study on Daniel and felt like this was a perfect compliment to what I was learning, "we are strangers in this land."  Through this study, I realized how much envy had taken over my day-to-day thinking as I looked at a wardrobe I couldn't wear because I hadn't lost my baby fat. I knew the October Dress Project would help to do some attitude adjusting, making me grateful for clean clothes in my closet.

I discovered this project part of the way through and joined in for the last 19 days of fun. Because the project had already started, I decided to use a dress I already had. It wasn't the easiest dress to work with because it had spaghetti straps, stretched out very easily and developed several stains that never came out. I was nursing my youngest at the time, so the dress had to serve that function as well. The purple dress was awesome for me because I loved the pop of color and experimenting with different color combinations I would never have tried otherwise. I wish I was blogging last year and could tell you all of the things I learned, but I will be documenting my journey this year.

Here are the pictures from the October Dress Project 2010:

 And the whole project ended with everyone in my family wearing purple. It was awesome!


 As I gear up with my friends for this year's October Dress Project, I am on a hunt for a dress. I want to go out today to find something, but don't think that is in the cards. For me, it needs to be cotton, above the knee, thicker straps, and a pop of color. That is what I am looking for and need to find it soon! I will be posting all about what I am feeling, showing you the pictures of the outfits I am creating and any other random thoughts that pop into my head through out the October Dress Project.

Want to join in the fun? Please do! All you have to do is commit to wearing the same dress all month and there you go! You can pair any accessories you want with it. I added pants and shirts to mine as well, to make it work with the kids. The more the merrier! So join me!!!

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for linking to the original post. I looked all over for it but couldn't find it anywhere!

This will be fun!