The other day Alethea fell fast asleep on my chest while we were playing together. It was the strangest thing. We were laughing and giggling and then, BAM. Fast asleep. It was the sweetest moment, though and reminded me of the comfort and peace that is brought to my countenance from a sleeping baby. I miss that.

This quite moment reminds me of how I am with my heavenly father.

My children run around, never stopping, always moving. 
Hands finding toys to tussle about. 
Mouths singing and speaking in a constant flow. 
Minds discovering new things as fast as their eyes blink.

But when they get into my arms, they stop.

And then they are up again, remembering the toy they put down or the book they left unread, or the fact that they didn't see how fast their legs could take them from one side of living room to the other.

How often am I like that with God?
Facebook checking.
Blog writing.
Photo editing.
Making meals.
Laughing with friends.
Connecting with husband. 
Writing e-mails.
Putting in laundry.
Grocery shopping.
Attending church.


How often do I stop and rest in His arms? 

Not nearly enough. I am up and running on to the next "important" task, forgetting that time of peace and safety and calm in the arm of my eternal father. And just like my 3 year old, when my tasks become too much for my feeble arms, I throw it down and scream, looking for the one who can make it all better. How much easier my life would be if I just rested in God all the time.

The chorus of this song sums up my thought so nicely.

Time for me to rest. 


Joy B. said...

Beautifully spoken.

Jennifer said...

If only it were as easy for us as it is for babies and toddlers. Keeping busy is also a way to avoid dealing with stuff.