An interview with Asher

{Asher at 3 years old}
Photos taken when Asher was 2 1/2.
Photo by Emily Rose Portraits
: career goals:   When I grow up, I want to be a fireman, because I like fireman.

: favorite food:    hot dogs, just hot dogs

: favorite toy:   stuffed gorilla, because I love him

: brother or sister next?   brother, 2 brothers and 1 more; I want 5 brothers and sisters. 3 brothers and 2 sisters

: favorite book:   I can't remember, because I'm reading.

: favorite animal:   panda

: favorite game:   Connect 4

: favorite special treat:   chocolate cookies

: if you could be any animal:   kitty-kitty

Photo by Emily Rose Portraits

: trip around the world, where would you go?   Grammie Teen's

: favorite park:   Christina park

: favorite restaurant:   Taco Bell, because I like tacos

: favorite time of the day:   special play time

: kiss or zerburt:   kiss

: favorite thing to do with Alethea:   I like Alethea playing out in the backyard with me.
Photo by Emily Rose Portraits

: favorite family activity:   go outside

: what bug would you like to hold?   a butterfly, because I like their wings

: what do want for Christmas:   a race car that goes real fast, that goes up in the air with a big remote control

: drive a train, boat or airplane:   I'd rather fly a plane instead.

: favorite craft time activity:   play with play dough

: favorite room in the house: living room, because it has a lot of toys

: favorite song to sing: you make beautiful things

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