Trip to Bok Tower Gardens // CENTRAL FLORIDA TREASURE

We had a wonderful weekend together as a family! I had a shoot for my business at Bok Tower Gardens and the morning of the shoot we decided to have the entire family tag along (to the gardens, not the shoot). It was a fabulous decision, because we had such an enjoyable time. The last time we were at the gardens was with our good friends, Jeff and Joy  (Joy actually is the library in the tower now. How cool is that?) and I was pregnant with Alethea. Since that was two years ago, we thought we would make a morning of it and drive out there.

The gardens were mostly empty, except for 3 weddings taking place that day. We felt like we had the place to ourselves, honestly. We even brought a picnic lunch of french bread, Gouda and grapes to save some money (there is a cafe with food and drink there at the visitor center). The only thing we weren't saved from is mosquito bites. Yikes! Alethea's legs are COVERED in bites. They sure did a number on the entire family and we are scratching quite a bit today.

Here are some tips to enjoy your trip to Bok Tower Gardens:

1. Arrive before 9AM on a Saturday morning to received 50% off your ticket price.
2. Bring a picnic lunch and a blanket and enjoy the serenity.
3. Plan on walking by wearing sneakers.
4. Have the kids walk or wear them because most paths are mulch.
5. Spray everyone down with bug repellant, because the mosquitoes are bad (at least while we were there).
6. Bring along your camera and capture your family fun.

And now for the fun images we took while at the gardens on Saturday.

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Joy B. said...

Love the action shots. Looks like you had a great time!