The girl named Alethea


: pronounced ah-LEE-thee-ah, from the Greek, meaning truth

Photo by Emily Rose Portraits

: 20 months old, 12 months old in these photo

: favorite foods- pancakes, bananas, hummus, ice

: hair- curly, like her dad's, and a little unruly at the moment

: personality- opinionated, laughter, snuggles

Photo by Emily Rose Portraits

: favorite word- "nariz," the Spanish word for "nose"

: activity caught doing the most- whatever her big brother is doing

: guilty pleasure - standing on the coffee table

: always asks for - drink and puzzles

Photo by Emily Rose Portraits

: fingers and toes - chubby, chubby, chubby

: sleepy time comforts - Bible story, pink hand crochets blanket and kitty-kitty

: dreams - to ride a bike or own a truck

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