Mid-January Wardrobe Recap

Taking a picture of yourself every single day is a very eye-opening experience. I didn't realize how body conscious and self-deprecating I was until this new year. But one thing it did confirm is that I love my wardrobe! Not shopping for a year will really help me to utilize what I already own in a new and exciting way.

It has been ridiculously cold in Florida for 3 weeks solid and I needed to get pretty creative to keep myself warm and feeling good in my own skin. Over the years I've slowly gotten rid of my warmer wardrobe because we average temps in the 80's year round. Who needs gorgeous bulky sweaters or cute peacoats for one day a year? Apparently I did since this entire month has been an ice box! But I made it through with a leather jacket that was given to me last year from a friend's rich employer. Winning!

The other thing taking a picture of myself every day revealed is how much I like my overall look better if I take the time to fix my hair. What you see in the picture is how I looked: hair up, workout clothes, hair down, heels, sweatshirts, all of it. And when I take the time to actually fix my hair, it makes me feel more put together. I already feel like I'm learning so much through this year long shopping fast and it's not even the end of January yet!

Here are my outfits for the first part of January.

This is really reminding me of the five years I participated in the October Dress Project. Maybe I'll join in again and do it this year. What do you guys think?

Also, did you see that I'm featuring Sseko Designs as my #fashionforgood company for January? Check it out and buy a little something for yourself!

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Unknown said...

I've always loved your ability to accessorize. Every time I throw on a scarf for fashion reasons only, I think of you 😊 ~Joy