23 pairs of shoes
7 pairs of pants
17 shirts
11 skirts
21 dresses
14 cardigans/blazers/jackets
3 kimonos
21 t-shirts
8 tank tops
6 yoga pants
4 pairs of athletic shorts
5 athletic shirts
7 leggings
1 pair of shorts
4 bathing suits
3 beach cover-ups
18 pairs of earrings
27 bracelets
29 necklaces
14 rings
10 fabric headbands
11 hats

And that isn't taking into account the clothes that are in the dirty laundry hamper from a week of wearing.

If that isn't enough of a wardrobe, get this: I have an entire wardrobe that I can wear on my 20 pound lighter body in a huge box that I still haven't touched, but refuse to get rid of because I love what's in it. You read that right: An entire other wardrobe.

It's pretty humbling to count everything in your closet and even more embarrassing to write all of that out, a record for everyone to read of the excess I have. I read the list out loud to my husband and was a little surprised. He said, "When you list it out like that, it really does seem like a lot, huh?" If my number of shoes wasn't overwhelming, this list really put a perspective on things. I realized what I needed to do.

I decided not to purchase any new clothes in 2018.

Obviously, I won't be hurting or struggling to put together many, many different outfits. I think I have 3 months worth of clothes I could wear without repeating anything. But the purpose is to stop the impulse to buy new clothes and appreciate what is already in my closet. It's like the October Dress Project for an entire year. Bring on the creativity!

I plan to do a weekly wrap up of my outfits, showcasing unique ways I've styled things and what I'm learning from this year long fast. And every month I'll highlight a different company I've come to love because of their mission, sustainable and fair trade practices and the way they give back.

In preparation for not purchasing anything in 2018, I will use a gift card I got for Christmas to buy a much needed bra the first week in 2018 (because I didn't make it to the store in between Christmas and the New Year because I don't need that crazy in my life) and I purchased a couple of pairs of underwear and a black t-shirt from PACT.

PACT is certified organic and fair trade, aiming to make the comfiest clothes without harming the environment or the people that live in it. It's my kind of company and I don't know why it has taken me so long to purchase from them! I purchased a 2 pack of lace-waist briefs and lace-waist thongs. And their v-neck is only $16 and comes in many different colors, so what are you waiting for?!?! Go snag yourself some organic, fair trade goodness in the essentials department for a new year.

Happy New Year! Let's make 2018 one for the books!

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