NOT JUST A MOM // 7 ways fashion can help you be a better mom

NOT JUST A MOM is a series about finding the woman behind the mom. Often our identity as mothers is wrapped up in that title, but it is important for us to realize that first we are a person, then a spouse and then a parent. Finding what you enjoy outside of motherhood can recharge you to be the best wife, mother and housekeeper you can be. Read more in the series here

Fashion is a lot of fun to me. Granted, I can only participate from the sidelines on a teacher's salary as a family of 6, but I think it is empowering and aesthetically pleasing. Checking out what the latest trends are, newest fair trade finds and great thrifted steals is a great way to give my brain a mental vacation from baby wipes, potty training and homeschooling.

Sometimes our busy lives as moms don't allow us to get out and try a new hobby or have a girls night, but it can allow us to have some kind of pursuit outside of motherhood. And maybe fashion can do that for you.

Finding a sense of identity as a put-together, fashion conscious person has a lot of benefits. And when you are taking care of yourself, you are better able to take care of your kids, husband and household. Wining!!!

Here are my reasons why you should care about fashion:

1. You never have to leave the house! With the glorious internet, you can nurse your baby, cook a pot roast and mop a floor while you shop the latest trends. And most online boutiques have a great return policy to make exchanging sizes easy. The excuse that it takes you away from your family isn't going to cut it this time, so start perusing!

2. Investing in your appearance can help you feel beautiful. Not that a little spit up and a couple of grass stains aren't flattering, but donning yoga pants for the fourth day in a row make me feel a little bluh, which bleeds into all other areas of my life, am I right? Putting a little attention into your wardrobe can boost your sense of worth, and you are worth investing in. Read that again, dear friend. You are worth investing in.

3. With a put together look, you will feel confident to go anywhere.  Sometimes meeting up with other women can be intimidating, but if you feel good in your own skin in a great outfit, you will be more likely to let the real you shine. We all need to connect with other adults on a regular basis and a polished look gives you that extra push to get out there and do it. Whether you are headed to a mommy-and-me play date, a night on the town, job interview or date, you will feel confident.

4. A confident woman is a sexy woman. (This part doesn't really have to do with being a better mom, but hang in there!) And what husband doesn't want a confident, sexy wife? I mean, that is how you became a parent in the first place, right? Why not allow a little of that sex appeal to creep back into your attire and rekindle some passion? (*wink*)

5. Fashion connects you to the outside world. When your idea of news is what is trending on Twitter, it might feel like you don't really know what is really going on outside of your four walls. Motherhood can be isolating, but hopping over to see what is going on in everyday fashion on a favorite blog is an easy way to peek above the piles of dirty dishes and rekindle a little of what makes you you.

6. Clothes that make you feel good encourage you to take better care of the body in them. Sometimes we push self-care to the back of the shelf. I don't know about you, but when I am wearing an outfit that makes me look like a million bucks, I want to take care of myself! I want great hair, well-applied make-up and glowing skin from healthy eating to compliment it. When I'm wearing a t-shirt and sweats, that bag of kettle chips jumps into my hand. An outfit that makes me feel good motivates me to take care of myself so I look good in it again the next time.

7. Great clothes, confidence and self-care empower you to take risks. A lot of moms are stuck in a life rut. Time to jump out of that and live your dreams! Parenthood often removes us from the real world for a time and it can be a little of a culture shock to jump back into life without diapers. Clothes you love can help give you a boost to take risks in a new career, pursuing a passion, or forming new friendships.

Want to start revamping your wardrobe and don't know where to start? Check out my favorite fashion blogs and online boutiques. Then start your own Pinterest board with your style icons, wish-lists and your favorite fashion blogs.

Favorite Every Day Fashionistas

Favorite Online Shopping

P.S. I am getting ready to start year 5 of the October Dress Project and I have chosen a patterned dress this year. Anxious, excited and nervous about what I could possibly learn the fifth time around, if my sheath dress will drive me bananas and if a pattern is a horrible idea. Eeekkk!!!


Brittany at Equipping Godly Women said...

I will admit, I am VERY bad at this. I don't want to take the time (yes, even if you shop online, it still takes lots of time), and I don't want to spend the money. Since I work from home, I can get away with it for now, but you're right. I should care more. A lot more some days. *looking down at my husband's pj pants I'm wearing* lol. pinning!

sa4grace said...

Lots of stuff you linked to. No idea where to even begin. I can't seem to figure out my "season" even! All I know is, I get complements when I wear pink and turquoise, and look gross in any shade of yellow/mustard. And my personal style? None. Any advise? :)

grtlyblesd said...

I just got my first order from eShakti! A friend recommended them. Beautiful things, but I think I'm more of a Kohl's budget. I am glad I had a $30 coupon and a B2G1F special.

Kori at Home said...

Thank you so much for linking up to Inspire Me Monday and please be sure to come back and link up with us again next week!

Susannah said...

I love this so much! Too many Christians think that fashion is inherently evil but I completely agree that it can be so good! Thanks for linking this up with the Faith and Fellowship blog hop!