Being a tourist in Uganda {Source of the Nile}

While adopting from Uganda, we visited the source of Nile! It was truly beautiful and relaxing to be on a boat on the Nile River and Lake Victoria. This was a much needed break from the busy, noisy, dirty city where we were living for almost five weeks. No matter where I am, I always feel more calm and connected to God in His creation, and our trip to Africa was no exception.
Visiting the Source of the Nile River

At the Nile, ready to board the boat.

Our boat.

We paid for a guided boat tour with our friend Lori and her family and it was great to be experiencing Uganda with another adoptive family. It can feel isolating to be in a foreign country trying to bound with your new children and trying to take in as much of the culture as possible at the same time. That time felt like a tunnel of crazy and I am really excited to actually go back again to truly visit Uganda.

Lori with Emmy, her grandmother and mom and our family on the boat

I guess I should have paid more attention to the history behind why this is the source of the Nile during our tour and all that jazz, but it turns out that Simon HATES being on boats. He screamed the whole time, which made it impossible to hear the presentation our guide was making. Bummer. Next time...

Our guide.

That cement block behind us is suppose to be a monument to John Speke, who found the source.

Being touristy and I have no idea why I am posing like that.

With any good tourist destination, you have vendors selling stuff. The Nile is no exception.
And do you see that swirl in the center of the picture? That is the source of the Nile, or so John Speke thought.

Even in Uganda, school children take field trips.

After the boat ride, we ate some Uganda touristy food, Craig changed a horrible diaper behind some bushes and then saw real, live, wild monkeys!!! This was a dream come true for me as I've always wanted a pet monkey. 
Monkeys on the side of the road.

When all of the monkeys ran away, we headed to the city of Jinja, where the source of the Nile is found. In the city, we ran into some missionaries we met at our guest house and Katie Davis! Just kidding. But we did find her office near the most disgusting bathrooms (including this one) that I experienced in Uganda. The irony of it all was on the back of the door of the bathrooms it talked about being grateful for this toilet and asked for donations to make more bathrooms like it in Jinja. I couldn't help but laugh and laugh, as the sign clearly was not abreast to the state of the toilet at that moment.

The office of Katie Davis' ministry.

We did stop at the FIRST place in Uganda that had internet and the first internet cafe for a much needed "American" style cup o' joe and chocolate chip cookie. And we learned that the turn "boda-boda" which refers to a motorcycle taxi actually originated in Jinja. People would ask bicycle taxi drivers to take them to the border of Uganda and Kenya and would shout, "Boda, boda!" Or in American English, "Border, border." Somehow the name transferred to motorcycle taxis and the name stuck!

Our Ugandan "Starbucks."

Craig and a french press. He's in love.

We were told that this trip would be lack-luster, but we enjoyed this great diversion from the waiting of the adoption process.

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