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Well, with my foot in a post-op boot and the limitation that that brought, I really didn't care too much about fashion last week.  My wonderful friend who were there when I sliced my foot open brought me and my family meals all week, which was a HUGE blessing! I did experiment with a couple of things fashion wise, but my foot kept me out of commission for a lot of things, including washing my October Dress. So, I wore my other One Mango Tree dresses while I waited for mobility to wash my red October Dress. I was inspired by this blog post to turn a scarf from my grandmother-in-law into a vest, which was fun.

During this last week of nursing my foot (which you can read about here), I had an epiphany. My wardrobe is purged every couple of months, but there are many items I have kept for my entire adult life. Why not have the majority of my wardrobe be the type of pieces that I will NEVER get rid of because they are timeless, classic, flatter my figure and durable? A blog post is in the works on this one because this revelation ties in with the 12X12 Project and part of the inspiration came from this post, the creator of the October Dress Project.

And now for the pictures! And a HUGE surprise at the end!!!

Day 17: White One Mango Tree dress, purple shirt, teal belt, grey Sseko sandals

Sseko sandals with knotty tie and post-op booty

Day 18- White dress, mauve knitted cardigan, Ugandan beads, teal sandals

Day 19: Red dress is back! Chevron scarf turned vest, white belt, boat shoes

Click here to see 10 ways to turn a scarf into a vest

Day 20: Dress, lace top, pearls, red shoes and OUR NEW VAN!!!
My parents blessed us with a mini-van this weekend! We had planned for me to simply stay home with the kiddos and then take two cars with Craig to head to church or anywhere. It wasn't an ideal situation, but we felt like it was more important to finish the adoption then wait for enough money for a van. I am still in shock over this enormous blessing! I drove it for the first time yesterday and was overwhelmed, to say the least. Thank you, Mom and Dad for continually pouring into our lives. We all love you!

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Oh my goodness!! So happy for you all around!! :-)