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Hello and welcome! I'm so glad you stopped by this crazy little world of mine. I'm Karissa, The Acting Mom, actress turned mom of 4 navigating life's adventures of adoption, intentional living and the stage. 

My goal in writing this blog is to help YOU, fellow moms discover who you are outside of motherhood. Whether that is a career, a hobby, volunteering, a book club or turning what you love into your own blog, that is what I want to help you do! 

Finding an identity outside of motherhood can be challenging because this unpaid job is all-consuming, day and night and never ending. But I promise that finding the woman behind the mom will help you be a better mother, wife and housekeeper. I know! Because acting does that for me.

The Acting Mom
Here are a couple of tid-bits you might like to know about me:

1. I am a Christ-follower. My goal is to live my life according to the principals in the Bible and to teach my kids about the incredible savior I love. I am not a super spiritual person, just your average trying-to-get-through-the-day-with-all-the-hair-on-my-head kind of person, but my goal at the end of the day to try to be more like Jesus then the day before.

2. Adventure should be my middle name! Everything I do is a new adventure to me and I look for changes to explore in my every day life, whether it is with my family here in central Florida or by myself on the stage or in a new hobby. Traveling, trying new things and discovering

3. I have four kids, 3 years apart. After having two homegrown children, we add two heart-grown kids from Uganda to our family! I write a lot about adoption, parenting and family life here because that's what I do day in and day out.

4. Fair trade and shopping local are big to me. Follow me on Instagram and you will see what I'm talking about. Can we say, "Fair trade #hashtag overload?"

5. Every October I do"The October Dress Project." I wear the same dress for an entire month. Yep. The same dress. Of course, I can style it different ways, adding accessories, scarves, vests, shoes and the like to make the outfit look different every day. It's a fun project and a great challenge.

6. Oh, yeah! And I act. I write about my latest acting ventures and other random posts about this crazy talent I love. Being just Karissa for a couple of hours a day at the theatre gives me the fuel I need to be a nurturing and vibrant mother, wife and housekeeper.

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Thanks for stopping by!

p.s. Want to know what roles I dream of playing 

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