October Dress Project 2013

I wasn't as excited about participating this year as previous years. Craig's grandmother was not doing well health wise, we were knee deep in adjusting to the adoption and I just wasn't doing great in general. I was hoping this annual tradition would help snap me out of it, but life was just too overwhelming to really glean anything from the project this year.

For my dress, I chose my favorite dress in the wardrobe. It was piling pretty badly and becoming thread bare, so I knew it was on the way out. The shape, silhouette and fabric are just right for me and I would fill my closet with this style of dress if I could.

Half way through the project we received a call that Nanny wasn't doing well and we needed to come up. So for the first time, I abandoned the October Dress Project as we drove to Kentucky to say our goodbyes to a woman who raised my husband and has become so dear to me. Andrew and Simon met their great grandmother for the first and only time and we enjoyed being together with Craig's family during that sobering time. Just a month later, she passed away.

Here are all the images I took and posted on Instagram for the 2013 year.

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