Gotcha Day

We made it! After 55 hours of travel, a 21 hour layover in Amsterdam, and 5 flights, we are in Uganda!!! Yesterday was our "Gotcha Day" where we got to meet our boys. Craig and I were so nervous as we ran a couple of errands before we headed to the foster home they have been staying for the last couple of months. We had been waiting for this moment for 10 months, but nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming and surreal experience it is to finally meet the little boys who will be a part of your family. As soon as they brought the boys out, my heart stopped. My very first thought was, "How blessed I am to have the privilege to be these boys' mother." We sat with the boys on the floor as their caregiver hugged them and talked to us about their schedules and what they liked. We slowly began to interact and engage with them. Andrew took to me right away and Simon warmed up to Craig and wouldn't let him go. It felt like they knew who we were and we were so grateful that we had sent a photo book of our family months ago before we even knew about these boys. The caregivers had been looking through it with them and we could tell that they knew they should know us.

After a wonderful visit, it was time to take the boys. Simon was fast asleep in Craig's arms as we left, but Andrew was scared that we were taking him away, not really sure what was going on. We knew this was part of the process and I just soothed him, held him and loved on him. Craig and I had a very similar reaction to taking the boys from the foster home as we had when we took Asher and Alethea from the hospital: "Really? You are trusting us to take them? We don't know what we are doing!!!" I am happy to report that on today, day 2, both of the boys have taken to both of us and we have both received spontaneous kisses from both boys, lots of laughter and tons to snuggles. They feel like our boys and I can't imagine life without them now. It is hard to remember what it was like without them. Right now they are both freshly bathed, diapered, bottle-fed, and fast asleep in Craig's arms under the mosquito net so I could sneak away and write this update.

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Heather McCool said...

That line comparing it to that moment at the hospital when you think, thats it?! You trust us to take this child home?!
I've not adopted, but i sure remember that feeling! How surreal that must have been and with such beautiful baby boys!