One Last Hoorah! {21 hours in Amsterdam}

In our not-quite-warm-enough clothes in Amsterdam

On our travels around the world, we had a 21 hour stop over in Amsterdam. We decided to make this our one last "hoorah" without the kiddos and enjoy our "vacation" before our lives became a whole lot busier. It was a whirlwind getting off the plane, trying to figure out if we had to pick-up our bags there or if they were being send on ahead of us, trying to purchase train tickets to get on the correct train and then getting on a tram (which we inadvertently stole our way onto), then get off at the right spot (which did not happen) and then walk to the room that we rented from this great website.

On the stolen tram ride, opps!

When we made it, we realized that we forgot our winter jackets back in sunny Florida and the 30 degree Amsterdam weather required warmer clothing then the ensembles we had brought for our trip to the equator. We headed to a cheesy tourist shop to purchase some sweatshirts before we explored.

Craig standing on the doorstep of where we were staying.

A classic site in Amsterdam

Sporting my beautifully tacky sweatshirt that just happens to match my dress. So much for looking cute in Europe!

Craig sporting his Amsterdam team sweatshirt on the canal.

We were exhausted from our travels and knew we needed to make it an early night before we headed to the airport again in the morning, so we opted for a quiet stroll down our street to the Anne Frank house and then a nice Dutch dinner.

The line at the Anne Frank house was unreal, so we just took a couple of photos outside and will plan to visit the next time we are in Amsterdam. It was pretty surreal to be standing outside and know what had taken place inside. I need to re-read her diary so I never forget what happens when people think of themselves as better then others.

Anne Frank and the freezing cold Karissa

Can you see the line? That is just the beginning!

Anne Frank House, what a dream come true!

As we wandered our way back to our room, we stumbled upon a delightful little restaurant where we enjoyed a warm meal. Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of the outside of the establishment nor do I recall the name of the place to recommend to others. Sorry!

Notice my November 12X12 Project bracelet?

Duck liver patte

Cafe, what a treat!

Then we headed to our room, surrounded by the romantic canals and lights of Amsterdam. Our last night as parents of just two and our last moments together before a long couple of weeks, months and years ahead. It was a kind of good-bye to an era in our lives and a preparation for the joy and struggles ahead.

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