Virtual Baby Shower

We have been overwhelmed with the gifts and donations we have received for our boys. It was almost like an ongoing virtual baby shower. Every day there would be a new package in the mail or a delivery on the doorstep for the boys. I am overwhelmed and extremely blessed by the generosity of all of our friends and family! Truly and deeply. We have everything we need or could want to make life with the two newest additions possible and more comfortable.

Since we didn't have a "real" shower where everyone could witness us opening the gifts, consider this your invitation and participating on our virtual shower for "Big" and "Little." Thanks for coming!

The first batch of goodies that came in the mail.

Court suits for the boys purchased by Lori Engler.

Formula sent by Natasha Diamond and bowls bought by Susan Stephens

Sock purchased by Andrew Bird

Hat purchased by Andrew Bird
Diapers purchased by stranger and Jenn Baker

Formula donated by lots of people

What could this package be?

Pack-n-Play purchased by Elizabeth Cofer

Quad stroller purchased by Dawn Durrell

A closet full of clothes donated by LOTS of people!

Handmade quilt for "Big"

Handmade quilt for "Little"

Joy Banks made these amazing quilts.

Joy Banks made these amazing quilts.

Thank you to everyone who bought, made or donated an item or numerous items to our boys! It was a wonderful virtual shower!

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