ODP- 2012 Day 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10

The first installment is here.

Here is the problem with the October Dress Project this year: I am not doing it during October.

We have been told by our agency that they think and hope we should be flying in October (I know, I know. We were told it might be the end of September just a couple of weeks ago, but adoption is unpredictable and we roll with the punches.) That being said, I didn't want to miss out on my third year participating in this zany project. The problem with doing this project in September is that I don't have any accountability! I skip days here and there and everywhere. I really have no idea what day I am on for ODP 2012 to be quite honest, because we are a one car family at the moment and I rarely leave the house. Meaning, I don't really get dressed in normal, appropriate-fo-public clothing. Oh, well!

So, the dates are irrelevant on this little project because they are not consecutive day after day, but according to the next time I wore the dress. I am not participating in the same way I have the last two years, but I am still taking part in my own quirky-frazled-adoptive-mom type way. And that is just how the project will be for me for this year. And I am alright with that reality. The nicest part of the project so far is that in all my running around trying-to-organize-the-world-before-I-fly-across-the-globe way, I don't have to worry about what I am going to wear. It is already decided for me. Thus the lack of creativity this year, but I am wearing it and that is what counts!

That is what I love about this project! Every year it takes on a new form and a new meaning. Love it!

Day 6: 
This was a very low day for me. I had to force myself to smile and I forced myself to get dress and look put together, even though I wasn't headed anywhere, just to help with my mood.
(Sept. 17th)

Day 7: 
My Sseko Sandals arrived!!! I was stoked to wear them to our second The Gathering for the 12X12 Project.

Day 8: 
Simple, but put together. Loving my new sandals! Notice how my hair hasn't changed? It is probably an indicator that I haven't showered. TMI? I am just trying to be honest. This is what happens when you are a crazy adoptive mom: you forget to shower.

Day 9: 
Wearing a hat and a new color in my Sseko Sandals. And a splashy tank-top with lots of color, which I forgot to take a close-up of to show I am trying to style it differently. Opps!

Day 10: 
Church day. I sported this scarf of my head and received a lot of compliments. It looked better in the mirror then in this picture, but I love the colors. It was a vintage score from a consignment shop at my Grandmother's Elk Lodge.

Looking at these pictures I have realized that I am completely ignoring belts! It is time to rectify that in the next batch of sparatic ODP wearing.

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